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.:The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:.
Friday, February 28, 2014 | 5:18 PM | |0 letters

I will finally trell you everything I remember about the Caching Fire premiere in Berlin. I know earlie right, but well I had a lot to do for school the past days and I still have. Damn school makes me tired. I'm specially tired from my school mates I don't like them so much just a few ones are really nice but anyway lets continue to the day of the Catching Fire premiere, greatest premiere yet.

It was also the second day of my practical training for geriatric care (more about this experience in another entry). If it wasn't so important I might have sleept the day before the premiere there but I just couldn't so my best friend sleept alone there and was waiting for me. She was the only one sleeping there and well... I felt bad for her to leave Laura all alone in that place.

After I was finished with my work I had to go to her home and get our suitecase and poster we made the weekend before. We planned a lot and we had even some costumes. We attended the premiere as citizens of the Capitol, as soon as the got read everyone thought we want to cosplay Effie Trinket and we had to tell them it was just inspired by her and we just went as Capitol citizens. I just really thought we looked great. Standing in a costume with wig was really hard as soon as the peremiere started. The other people ruined your styled hair and it got hard to breath every minute. At the beginning the host (Steven Gätjen) gave some autographs and took pictures with fans. He stood right next to us and noticed our costumes with a little "Woah.". I was a little sassy and told him we just came from the Capitol to see The Hunger Games here in Berlin. He laught a little and told me we came a really long way to see it. God it was so much fun talking to him.

As soon as the actors arrived the crowd went crazy and they pressed us more and more against the barrier. I couldn't breath from time to time and then I try to make some space the people behind me got angry. No one thought about stepping back. I still always tried to make some space so I could breath but it was nearly impossible and it got harder as soon as the host of the livestream for the internet went our way. Even he told the crowd to step back a little as he ask me if I was alright. (I must have looked really bad at that time). I tried my best to bear with it I didn't want to give up, we planned the day so many days and I wanted the autographs from the actors who played in the movie I loved so much. Still I failed and as Steven ask me again if I'm okay and if they should get me out of the crowd I just agreed since I really couldn't breath anymore. One of the nice securitys got me over the barrier it was hard but he managed, then the send me into the cinema to a medic and checked me if I was alright. I'm just really glad I was. I had just a few bruises and felt worn out. I was so sad I couldn't see my fav. stars anymore, but it was a nice suprise as someone from the stuff members asked me from who I would like an aotograph and I told him from Liam Hemsworth.

After he ask me I got so nervous because I knew I would might meet him then he is finished outside with the other fans and it really happened. I stood up and my hands where shaking like hell. I couldn't really talk with him because I was a wreck but as he ask me if I was alright, if I collapsed I answered him. I told him that I was fine and everything is alright. Then he told me it was nice to meet me and I was able to shake hands with him, he also smiled at me and gave me an aotograph and then he said goodbye to me. (He probably said a few more things but I was somewhere else and can't remember everything now.) Liam was so nice and kind to me I never expected this.

And after i meet Liam I just sat there a few more minutes talked to the medics and the kind of found it was funny how I was surch a wreck afte I meet Liam and then it got even better. The stuff told me I would meet Josh Hutcherson too. My inside went crazy but I didn't let it show on the outside. I was soo really really happy I could at least meet two actors from my favorite move and after I meet Josh, he just got my favorite person. He was sooo sweet and he was impressed as he saw me in my costume and was like "Woah! Its impressive", and I failed so hard I couldn't say anything I didn't know what to say. Then he told me it was nice to meet me and I shaked hands with him, he also ask if i was alright and he thought its awesome that I went to the premiere as a capitol citizen. Josh really is a nice person and I thought he was as tall as me but he wasn't he was smaller than me and I smiled at him like an idiot I couldn't get out a word. The medics were so nice to take pictures of me and him, how he gave me an autograph and shaked my hand. It was just surch a great moment and like I said Josh got my favorite person this evening.

I tell you about the rest short, after this two awesome actors went away I sat there and waited for the premiere to end so I could go out and met Laura again. She got a card to see the movie so I took all our stuff and went home alone. It was alright for me don't worry I wanted her to watch the movie no matter if it was with me or without me. So i left here to the film and went home alone so i could finally sleep.


.:Thor: The Dark World:.
Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | 6:47 PM | |0 letters

I want to tell you about the Thor: Dark Wold premiere in Berlin now. It is time since its a long while ago and I already were at another premiere in the past weeks.

So let me start with the news that Laura and I wanted to be were really earlie, since we new Tom Hiddleston would be there and we thought if we wanted to get his autograph we needed to be in the first row. Well... that didn't went so well... we arrived at 14 o'clock I guess and we actually wanted to be at the redcarpet at 10 o'clock.

Hm... doesn't matter since we are tall we still stood really good in second row but it was to stand like in the frist, because the nice ladys befor us were smaller as us.

We stood there a long time and even got to know some nice other people. I really liked them lets hope we can see them again sometime. One of them was in a cosplay as Captain Jack Harkness and she was really in character... and I liked that to say the truth. I know its wierd but it was nice to be pervert about it and talk to her about some series and actors and man it was just totally awesome.

As the stars arrived at the redcarpet it was hell on earth and I can't remember all of it anymore... just man Chris Hemsworth looked so handsome and I liked his hair really much and I still can't belive I got an autograph from him. The last to arrive was Tom Hiddleston and the most people got crazy. I'm still a little sad I couldn't get an autograph from him since he hadn't much time to give some, but it was cute to see him running from one fan to another on the other side. You see I had still a lot of fun.

And here some more shitty pictures...

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Sunday, November 24, 2013 | 2:01 PM | |0 letters

I think today I will finally write about the hunger games premiere in berlin...
before that maybe even about the thor one.

Edit: take to long, so my entrys will be updated tomorrow and not today.
Right after I'm back from work.